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Have A Seat at the Table

What’s the buzz surrounding Montgomery Deep History? Mere walking tour? Just another business to populate the rolodex of the Chamber of Commerce? What is it actually about? Montgomery Deep History is not just a simple walking tour. It is an organization that utilizes a variety of means to educate the world on American history, especially the history of Montgomery, AL, in order to point this nation in the direction of healing. Anything short of that goes amiss of the mission of Montgomery Deep History.

Its job is to “Tell A Deeper Story.” A wise man once noted, “If we do not consider the details of the past, how may we properly diagnose and assess the malady of the present? How, then, may we provide a cure for our future?” In light of this, we are pressed to consider our past. As Americans, we are indeed a family with a broken history. This may well explain why, with our different racial backgrounds, it is difficult for us to sit peacefully with each other over a meal at madea’s house. Out of all places, her home is to be the most prominent setting of solace, comfort, forgiveness, love. Offenses from America’s youth have been hidden in the inner recesses of this home. Many feel the past is too deep, moreover, too painful to analyze as family. Needless to say, the element of unforgiveness lingers.

So, who will tell the “deeper” aspect of our story? Montgomery Deep History will be that relative who will sit us down at the table that we may both carefully listen and properly respond to our story. Are you ready to take a seat at the table?

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