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Tracey Adams

“If we do not consider the details of the past, how may we properly diagnose the malady of the present? How, then, may we cure our future?”

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As early as childhood, Tracey was known to be an avid reader. She regularly consumed a variety of literature, especially novels. But after hearing the story of the American lynching of young Emmett Till, her readership began to include African American studies texts. Her rate of reading has introduced her to a great depth of knowledge over the past several years and has given her a love of history.

Tracey has exactly what it takes to guide the direction of MGM Deep History so that it can greatly benefit all our guests who get to experience Montgomery, Selma, Birmingham, and Mobile through the art of story-telling. She has a military career over a span of 14 years and counting in the U.S. Air Force. She is an upstanding woman of remarkable leadership and has earned stellar awards during her time in service.


Tracey has been on notable deployment missions over the globe. Having worked with the C-130 Hercules (H-Model) over the past few years, she recently embarked on its very last duty tour flight making the flight a prominent moment in U.S. military history for the cargo airship.

A world traveler, Tracey has experienced Crete (Greece), Ireland, Iceland, and more. She enjoys good music, a fine latte often, and loves spending time with family and friends.

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