Keelan Adams

“If we do not consider the details of the past, how may we properly diagnose the malady of the present? How, then, may we cure our future?”

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Keelan was raised in a remote Alabama town by the name McIntosh (formerly McIntosh Bluff). Having been raised in an area of people who continue strong African practices of reciting the family genealogy via oral transmission, he acquired a thirst for studying history. His plan as a teen was to tell a deeper narrative of ancient, biblical history with modern histories. He then matriculated at a Bible college in Birmingham, AL immediately after high school and earned a degree in Bible and Theology (B. A., 2010). Keelan's undergraduate research compelled him to dig deeper due to his biblical studies frequently referencing the knowledge and technologies of the land of Africa in a way that is not done in schoolbooks and media.


Over the next few years of independent studies and research, he began to acquire digital ancient manuscripts consisting of the ancient languages Hebrew, Aramaic, and Koine. Upon entering a rigorous graduate program in a well-known seminary, he also obtained a plethora of ancient Egyptian manuscripts translated by reputable scholars. These several years of studies enlightened Keelan on the diaspora of mankind over the face of the globe regarding the effect intraspecific variation in microevolution, latitudinal global quadrants, weather patterns, and skin hue has upon the human race to this very day.


One may regularly hear him refer to what he calls the epistemological axioms of cultural differences, which he explains to the average person so they can better understand current race relations in America. Thus he uses a bottom-up approach in his narratives, beginning with the foundation of everything, to inform people on the present. This is why his eye-opening approach to explaining the inception of Montgomery has garnered much attention in recent media outlets.

Obviously, all this information needed its own outlet. After lecturing to both adults and school children of various demographics for a few years, he and his wife founded Montgomery Deep History in 2019 and then organized it as one of Montgomery's official tour businesses in the summer of 2020.

Interesting fact: Keelan's quest for finding his African ancestors landed him at a matriarch of his family lineage who was stolen by European colonizers from a river in Benin West Africa during the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade. She is the woman at centerpiece of the MGM Deep History crest. Her name is Ashanti Nkrumga.

On behalf of MGM Deep History, Keelan has been featured on CNN, USA Today, The Montgomery AdvertiserThe Alabama BaptistTAB Media, and WVAS 90.7FM.

Keelan enjoys reading, writing, fishing, cycling, auto mechanics, and spending time with his family.