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Medical Practices Upon Black People in the Antebellum South


They Will Never Know: Medical Journals from the Old South and Their Perspectives of Black People

Eugenics and Its Longstanding Impact on Black Communities

Sterilization on Another Front


For Better or for Worse: Hip Hop Music and Its Influence on the Mind of the Black Child

Dr. James Marion Sims: Saint, Savior, and Sadist?

The Battle of the Sticks: Red and White

Race Runners: The Rise of European Nation States and A New Christian Narrative

Destroying Trust Amongst A People: Meritorious Manumission Act of 1710 and Korean War POWs

Hip Hop Music and Its Influence on the Mind of the Black Child

The Importance of Group Economics

Marcus Garvey and His Influence on Black People After Reconstruction

Charles Spurgeon and Montgomery, AL

Greek Philosophy, Christianity, and Montgomery, AL

A Diamond in the Rough: The Importance of Africatown, AL and Its Story

The Great Divide: The Black Church As Safe Haven, Fortress, and Pillar of Christian Orthodoxy

The Montgomery, AL Press of the Antebellum South

Alabama Baptists, The Formation of the Southern Baptist Convention, and Slavery

Critical Race Theory and the Answer It Demands from America!

Montgomery, the Riverboat, and Its Impact Across the World

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